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RTS is a technology company that provides world-leading connected data solutions, giving real value to our customers.


FMX Products

A unique driver tag engraved with a serial number is allocated to a specific driver and machine.  This Dallas tag system gives accountability for each event on a forklift, providing valuable information and recognising good driver behaviour.


Discover intelligent solutions and change the way you think with our unique and innovative solutions. RTS provides you with customisable products and services to help users monitor, detect and plan ahead in various day-to-day scenarios.

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Our unique range of self-contained, battery powered devices helps users monitor, detect and plan ahead in various day-to-day scenarios. With devices custom-built to detect the presence/absence of water, electricity, temperature fluctuation and more – makes these devices invaluable for households application, industry and retail – ensuring that high-quality data is accessible through your mobile device.

Our Story

Since the inception of RTS in 2004, the consistent innovative use of technology by our in-house development teams has produced products at the forefront of technology.

We develop, manufacture and sell GSM and RF-based data-management hardware and software solutions. We conceptualise, research, design, develop, manufacture, distribute, promote, sell and support electronic data-management products, systems and services. 

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